Souls of Steel Orchestra is a distinctive multicultural organization, diverse in age, socio economic standing, musical knowledge and ethnicity. It is this breadth of diversity that has become the hallmark of our uniqueness. We have become a magnet for youth, we provide mentorship; a place where they are exposed to and develop an array of soft skills such as leadership, character building, teamwork, discipline and confidence qualities as we demonstrate and provide the technical and soft skills required to succeed at performance level.


  • Danforth Healing – press release and flyer
  • Snowball
  • Impromptu
  • We will be continuing our work in youth mentoring through workshops and music programs in at-risk community centres in the GTA
  • Our “Do something for Pan walkathon” will be once again raising awareness of the musical and social legacy of this beloved instrument of Trinidad and Tobago


We will educate and promote this musical art form, providing mentorship, a creative hub and exploring partnerships with others interested in having a lasting influence on society.


“Music has and always will be an integral part of my life. Souls has provided me with the opportunity to celebrate this love on a regular and purposeful basis. It has also provided me with a creative and positive personal outlet during some very challenging times. Belonging to this eclectic community of multi-talented, compassionate and committed individuals is an opportunity I wouldn’t trade for anything”  

Integrity in all that we do, Trust, that we can trust one another, Honesty, that we can be honest with  ourselves, our friends & our colleagues, Discipline, that we will work hard to achieve our goals, Inclusive,  that our band will represent all creeds and cultures”